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Goofy the dog - taking the ‘Human’ out of ‘Human Resources’

BY Paman Singh
Employment Law & HR
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How would you describe the ideal HR Manager: professional, approachable, a good listener? 

OPN Advertising based in Chennai, India spotted all of these qualities and more in a friendly male who wandered into their office one day seven years ago and, as such, they decided to appoint him as an HR Manager. Yes, Goofy the 10 year old Lhasoapso-cross was appointed as a full-time employee.

Other employees of the firm describe Goofy as bringing a sense of calm to the office, explaining that he tends to split his time between the creative ‘Thinking Room’ and his colleagues’ homes. Apparently, just seeing or cuddling Goofy brings a surge of ideas. Whilst we recommend that all organisations encourage diversity in their workforce, this is perhaps one paw too far.

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