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#GiveGregTheHoliday fever sweeps nation

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A security guard at Arcadia, the high street retail group, sent the twittersphere into meltdown last week after his holiday request was accidentally forwarded to thousands of employees at the company. 

Greg Heaslip, a night security guard, had asked his employer for two days off to take his wife and baby daughter to Chessington World of Adventures. Nothing outrageous about that. However, matters rapidly spiralled out of control when thousands of Arcadia employees, gripped with uncertainty over the outcome of Greg’s holiday request, rallied behind him on Twitter to convince the bosses to grant the holiday. Before long #GiveGregTheHoliday was the highest trending topic on Twitter, overshadowing the European Election results. 

And then the brands got on board. Within hours Greg had amassed a stockpile of freebies including a Halfords bike, VO5 hair products and even a TrekAmerica holiday to Las Vegas! And where was Greg during all this holiday giddiness? He was in bed, getting ready for another nightshift at Arcadia, absolutely oblivious to the frenzy his holiday request had caused. 

When he learned of the Twitter storm and his freebies, Greg decided to donate the gifts to charity, saying ““All I wanted was my two days off and now I've got them. I'm going to go to Chessington World of Adventures with my wife Edyta and our 20-month-old daughter. I don't want any of the free stuff. I'm going to donate it all to the Stephen Sutton charity so it goes to a good cause.” 

You’ll be pleased to know that when Arcadia finally gave Greg the holiday Chessington World of Adventures offered Greg a complimentary VIP stay for him and his family. Enjoy your holiday Greg!

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