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Gender pay gap reporting deadline closing in

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Although organisations are not required to publish their gender pay gap information until either 30th March (public bodies) or 4th April (private and voluntary sector), many organisations have already done so, and the results are revealing.

One of the largest gender pay gaps has been reported by Tui Airways, where men earn 56.9% more than women. According to Tui, this is explained by the fact that fewer women work in certain roles (for example, over 95% of its pilots are male). However, even in companies where women make up the majority of the workforce the gender pay gap is astonishingly high. For example, mean gender pay gap figures at fashion retailer Phase Eight revealed that men are paid 65% more than women. And in the public sector, many schools have published pay gap data showing differentials in pay between genders of more than 50% in favour of men.

Meanwhile, the Government Equalities Office has issued a warning to organisations who fail to register to publish their data on its website (as they are required to do). In addition, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has published information relating to enforcement action it may take against organisations who fail to report.

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