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G4S Fined £1.8m over faulty water systems

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety
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The company was found guilty of failing to maintain its hot and cold water systems at its offices in Essex which the court determined had put its workers at high risk from Legionnaires disease.

The local Councils Environmental Health Officers found upon inspection of the building that G4S had failed to act on previous inspection reports carried out by an independent water testing company which identified 17 high risk issues, all requiring immediate action.

Local EHO’s found various risk factors relating to Legionnaires at the site including dead legs in pipework, water pumps not working, blocked air conditioner drains, thermostatic mixer valves not identified for inspection or maintenance, hot water calorifiers that could not cope with the site water capacity and key sampling points which left unchecked.

There was also no dedicated schematic diagrams of the site water system or any staff trained in the risk to health posed by Legionnaires disease.

G4S pleaded guilty to breaching various parts of the Health and Safety at Work Act on the 20th June 2016, where the Judge commented that they had “flagrant disregard for the law”, before imposing the fine £1.8m and also costs of an additional £34,000.

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