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Further employment law changes announced

BY Donald MacKinnon
Employment Law & HR
BG Purple

The changes to employment law announced by the Government continue to come thick and fast. 

From 25 June, the two year qualifying period for employees to claim unfair dismissal will be disapplied where the reason for the dismissal relates to the employee’s political affiliations or opinions.  This follows on from the Government’s defeat in the European Court of Human Rights in a case brought by Mr Redfearn, a BNP council candidate who lost his job as a result of his political activities outside work.  It is important to note, however, that employers will still be able to justify such a dismissal; it is only the qualifying period that is being disapplied.  

On a separate matter, the annual uplift in maximum compensatory awards will change from February to 6th April every year.  Note, that the Government has reserved the right to reduce the maximum level of the award though there is, as yet, no indication as to when (or if) this happen.  What is proposed later this summer, however, is a further cap on the maximum award of one year’s salary.

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