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Four reasons nutrition matters to your business...

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Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

A new report from 'Pod' the fast food chain, states that productivity in the workplace is affected through what we eat during the day. Four things we learned were: 1. Poor nutrition cuts productivity by 20 per cent - A study by the International Labour Organisation reported that employees who eat unhealthily will see a drop in their productivity through the day compared to those colleagues who eat fruit, grains and vegetables. 2. Good nutrition aids the nervous system and helps reduce anxiety - There is a link between high consumption of sugar and stress. We are more likely to crave foods higher in fat, sugar, carbs when we are stressed. To reduce stress consumption of food high in Vitamin B5 and cortisol are suggested. 3. Attention span and the ability to plan is improved with a diet rich in iron - Lack of iron is very common in workers in Britain. 20 per cent of women from age 19 to 34 have an iron deficiency. A report from 'Penn State University' suggests there is an impact on attention span and the ability to plan ahead when your diet is lacking iron. Red meat, green veg, grains and nuts are suggested to improve this and support the brain function. 4. Happiness and engagement is linked to good nutrition and regularly eating fruit and veg - The British Journal of Health Psychology completed a study in 2015 with 405 people who kept a food diary. It was proven that the people who had a higher intake of fruit and veg showed more creativity at work and was due to the production of dopamine which is the result of eating fruit.

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