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Food Safety and COVID-19 Guidance (England and Wales)

Health & Safety

Public Health England and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs have issued new food safety related guidance for manufacturing, processing, warehousing, picking, packaging, retailing and service of food.

The aim of this guidance is to:

  • reduce the risk of COVID-19 cases entering the workplace
  • reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading within the workplace
  • reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading from the workplace to the wider community
  • reduce the impact of COVID-19 on output and production from the food industry

The guide emphasises the importance to review HACCP procedures, to consider and reflect any impact from Co-Vid controls. A Safe Method Checklist is a useful tool, to assess the personal hygiene and fitness to work practices in food premises.

The copy of the Guidance can be obtained here.

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