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Fines for slips, trips and falls

BY Matthew Ramsey
Health & Safety

In the past five financial years, Network Rail has out paid a total of £1m for slips, trips and falls across UK stations.

The highest compensation amount was £36,392, after a passenger “slipped on liquid and landed heavily on their right hip” at Charing Cross station. The lowest was £10, after a passenger slipped on ice at an entrance to Victoria Station, and suffered personal injuries and damages to their suit. The most recent case was a payment of £27,602, after a passenger slipped on pigeon faeces at Paddington Station. Overall, there have been four payments by Network Rail in the past five years, as a result of passengers slipping on bird faeces.

When LAW carry out their Physical Safety Assessment (PSA) we focus on the hazards and risks associated with slips and trips and assist with creating procedures that control the risk in order to avoid the above.

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