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European campaign for safety and health 2018/19 – Dangerous Substance

BY Matthew Ramsey
Health & Safety

Dangerous Substances is the focus of the European Campaign for Health and Safety in 2018/19, launched on 8th June 2018.  Exposures to dangerous substances are more common than most people realise and, in fact, may occur in almost all workplaces with dangerous substances most prevalent in sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing and construction.

Dangerous substances come in various forms including solids, liquids and gases with exposure occurring through inhalation, ingestion and/or skin penetration.  Depending on the nature of the dangerous substances exposure can result in acute and long term ill health including respiratory disease, damage to internal organs and the nervous system; skin disease and occupational cancers.

The campaign aims to help employers identify and manage dangerous substances in the workplace by providing tools and resources on the legislation in place and how to put it into practice. Interactive infographics and audio-visual materials get the most relevant information across clearly and are powerful tools for raising awareness of the issues.

More information and access to the resources is available at

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