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De-bunking the myths of employment law

We often hear that employers are constrained by UK employment law from tackling problem employees and that the law is on the side of employees. Indeed, the Government has been taking steps over the last year or so to ‘ease the legislative burden’ on employers. However, many myths persist about apparent barriers to dealing firmly with employee problems.

In fact, handled with care and with the right advice, such problems can be tackled without the risk of legal challenge. 

This interactive training event will explode some of these myths and give you tools and show you techniques that we know will enable you to tackle these issues effectively and fairly. 

We’ll examine the following myths… 

Myth One                   I can’t discriminate in recruitment

Myth Two                   I can’t sack someone who’s off on certificated sick leave

Myth Three                Dismissing a poor performer takes years

Myth Four                  If I catch a harasser I can sack them and we’re not liable for their actions

Myth Five                   I can’t sack a thief unless I catch them with the goods on them

Myth Six                     I have to give a reference for an ex-employee

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