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Employers must deliver proactive age management

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

Older workers are “a valuable resource” who make “a positive contribution” to businesses, the chartered body for safety and health professionals said today in response to a new report which suggests over-50s are being discriminated against.

The report, published this year by the Women and Equalities Committee in the UK, said that more than half a million people aged 50 or over who want to work are unable to do so because the law on age discrimination isn’t being enforced.

They also recommend that the Equality and Human Rights Commission must be clearer that "prejudice, unconscious bias and casual ageism in the workplace” is illegal.

It is expected that older workers are increasingly being required to fill a skills gap in the UK, with there being far more job vacancies than young school and college leavers.

However, extended working lives increases the likelihood of workers with chronic health conditions as well as longer exposure to hazards. Employers must be able to manage these risks.

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