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DSE compliance “at just 10%”

BY Matthew Ramsey
Health & Safety

New research has claimed that there is a significant lack of compliance with display screen equipment (DSE) regulations. The study, undertaken by Specsavers across 500 senior professionals in UK firms, revealed that only 10% of employers were complying with the regulations.


Although the legislation states employers must provide all screen users with tests and glasses – if required solely for DSE use – the study showed more than a third (39%) do not provide any eyecare at all for screen users. Almost a third (30%) do provide eye tests for all (excluding Scotland where eye tests are free), but not glasses and 14% provide eye tests for some workers. Less than one in ten (7%) provide the full requirements (eyecare and glasses) but only for some screen users.

The full survey results revealed that 61% of employers were providing some level of eyecare, but only 10% were fully complying with the law.

The study shows firms on average class around two-thirds (68%) of their employees as screen users. Regionally, this is 55% in Wales and as high as 77% in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Screen users are at their lowest in the food and drinks industry (42% of employees) – and the percentage of users is at its highest in the media – 94%.


Two vital elements in increasing the number of employers complying with the DSE regulations: first is to ensure they are educated about the full requirements of the legislation; second is to make DSE eyecare as simple and cost effective as possible to procure.”

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