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Driving at Work

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Road Safety charity IAM RoadSmart are calling for the HSE, drivers, employers, the government and the police to do more to address the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on UK roads.  Statistics show that the number road traffic accidents involving people driving for work has remained static over the last decade.  In 2009 there were 5443 serious and fatal accidents involving at work drivers rising to 5506 in 2018.

The charity research has found that: -

  • 49% of business leaders polled expect their employees to answer their phone at any time, including while driving for work;
  • 13% of employees who drive for work and 6% of leaders consider the hard shoulder a safe place to take a work call;
  • 17% of UK employees who drive for work say they have been involved in an incident when driving for work due to a phone call from a colleague.

The research also highlights “grey fleet” drivers, those employees who use privately owned vehicles for work-related journeys and points out that employers’ responsibilities for grey fleet drivers is exactly the same as for the company car driver. 

IAM RoadSmarts business development director, says: “If companies are expecting their employees to use their own vehicles for business journeys, they must ensure they are doing so safely and with appropriate guidelines, if they are to stay within the law.”

HSE guidance on managing occupational road risk is available at

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