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Driver checks and the new DVLA license requirements

BY Steven McCallum
Health & Safety
BG Orange

From the 8th June 2015 the DVLA will no longer issue paper counterparts to photocard driving licences.  Any driver with this part of their licence who also carried the photocard can effectively dispose of it as it is no longer useful. 

Drivers who still carry the old paper licence will still have to hold on to it and will be issued with a new photocard if there is a requirement to change any details such as their name, address or if it is time to renew the licence. 

The question is, what implications will this have on an organisation which is required to comply with Driving at Work regulations?  

As before, an organisation whose employees drive as part of their work are required to ensure that drivers are fit to do so, that they have a valid, up to date licence and that the vehicle they are driving is suitable for the work they are employed to do.  This hasn’t changed. 

We advise our clients to periodically review their driver licence checks by insisting employees submit their licences, MOT and business insurance certification on at least an annual basis whilst also advising employees to inform their employer of any changes to their licence which would include any endorsements. 

And therein lies the change.  The employer can effectively carry this task out automatically on the DVLA website provided the driver issues them with the code they receive which shows the validity of their licence and any endorsements. 

Will it have a major effect?  In our opinion, no, however it will reduce the need for unwanted paperwork and moves the assessment of drivers by employers to a computerised method.  However, you must still remember to ensure your drivers have valid insurance and that their vehicles are roadworthy. 

For further assistance contact your Health & Safety Manager.

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