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Did You Know A Fifth of Organisations Don’t Train Managers in Health & Safety?

BY Michelle Sneyd
Health & Safety
BG Orange

According to a YouGov survey carried out by IOSH, one in five organisations provide their managers with no health and safety training, despite the view that they are often best placed to recognise and act on hazards.

96% of company decision makers believed that line managers have an important role in ensuring the people who report to them are safe and healthy yet, despite this, 19% admitted that their organisations did not provide them with any health and safety training. Most of these organisations were SMEs according to IOSH.

It is interesting to note that the survey also found that 25% of organisations thought that management failure was rarely a factor in accidents. One wonders about the quality of any investigations.

Our View

Front-line managers are key for that ensuring controls are implemented and procedures followed. Untrained managers are more likely to condone breaches of procedure and the taking of short cuts and indeed may encourage them. Without training, how can managers properly recognise hazards and assess risks?

Health and safety training and awareness is crucial at this time as staff returned to work following the coronavirus lockdown. It is a fundamental part of health & safety management, and let’s not forget, a legal requirement.

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