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CIPD Conference - Where's the Talent in your Company?

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Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

Solve. were delighted to attend and exhibit at the recent CIPD Scotland Centenary HR Conference in The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow. The conference was slick, informative and as always, centred on HR best practice. One of the most motivational speakers was David Fairhurst, Chief People Officer, McDonalds who gave the Scottish HR audience a real insight into the value of young people in the workplace and why we should all be thinking about how we attract, train and retain younger workers. Working with a number of organisations such as John Lewis, Whitbread and of course, McDonalds, Mr Fairhurst, highlighted the importance of taking young people seriously and showed that by really listening to what matters to them, employers can open up a world of talent that they might not otherwise have tapped into. We all have a view of the younger generation. We may feel that they're not quite right for our organisations, taking up too much time, causing too much trouble or simply not having the skills and experience that we need to fill the gaps that a growing organisation can find themselves with. However, Mr Fairhurst made compelling arguments for the younger generation as a talent pool of eager, hungry and resourceful employees, who engage with organisations where they can align themselves with their values and ethics. Mr Fairhurst's speech, made us here at Solve. really think about talent in a much wider sense and asking questions such as how do we know who the talent is within our organisations and when we do, how can we ensure that they are eager, hungry and resourceful? How do we know they really are talent, or do we look at them as such because of what they can do for us today, rather than really looking to the future and the needs of our organisations as it grows and develops? Talent Management is a key element of HR best practice that many small and medium sized businesses see as 'not really for us' or HR rhetoric that has no place in the real world. However, the truth is that we are all guilty of overlooking the importance of understanding, developing and retaining the talent that is often right in our line of sight. Recently, Solve. were able to help one of our Clients, who are looking to grow their business to the next level, to identify who the talent is within their business and what the traits and characteristics of those individuals are. Through a process of Career Conversations and Personality Profiling, Solve. were able to drill down to the detail of the participants education and training, career histories and future goals to create a robust and realistic view of the current talent within the business and support our client with how they can ensure through updated competencies and selection materials that they are recruiting the right people, into the right roles, who will engage and stay with their Company. No matter how big our organisations we can all do with a little 'Talent Management', so here are our top tips to ensure that you know who the talent is within your organisation, how to get the most from them and replicate that talent for the future of your business: Consider all your high performing employees, what makes them high performing? Are these skills, abilities and attributes that are good for today or will they have the sticking power for tomorrow? Once you know who your high performers are, talk to them! Let them know that you value them and want to mirror their talents in future employees Having gathered all your data, clearly define what talent means within your business and how you can replicate that talent in the future Armed with your new knowledge, look at your Recruitment policy and process, where do you attract new employees from? Could you benefit from widening your net and considering younger or older workers? Do you use the same old channels or do you mix it up? How do you select? Quick chat over coffee or a robust selection process that gets the right people and gives you confidence that they'll engage with your Company, stay with you and help push your business to the next level? Consider introducing a formal Performance Management process, designed to motivate and engage existing talent, manage expectations and catch any itchy feet before they start heading for the door For more information on how Solve. can help you manage your talent, contact us at or alternatively contact us by telephone on one of our numbers below.

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