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CDM and the entertainment industry

Health & Safety
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When businesses see ‘CDM’ there tends to be a lot of head scratching about what it means and what it requires.  At law At Work we like to demystify such things and put it into plain English. 


The message from the HSE is “It’s about securing the health, safety and welfare of those carrying out construction work and protecting others who may be affected, from harm.”


CDM applies to construction projects including those projects within the entertainment industry. For instance, the building, fitting out and taking down of temporary structures. Its objective is to reduce the risk of harm to those that have to build, fit out, use, maintain and take down structures.  


In order to address this objective we would promote the following key principles:

  • Eliminate or control risks so far as is reasonably practicable
  • Ensure work is effectively planned
  • Appointing the right people and organisations at the right time
  • Make sure everyone has the information, instruction, training and supervision they need to carry out their job safely and without damaging health
  • Have systems in place to help parties cooperate and communicate with each other and coordinate their work
  • Consult with their workers


By following these principles you will achieve compliance and Law At Work is on hand to assist with any projects you have planned.

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