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Busting absence rates with hangover days

BY Paman Singh
Employment Law & HR
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Struggling through work with a weekday hangover is a phenomenon that most UK workers are familiar with. Others, however, have been known to admit defeat and turn their self-induced sorrow into a fake sick day. One enterprising business is tackling the issue head on, by allowing workers to legitimately take hangover days instead of throwing a sickie. 

What’s more, workers at Dice, a technology firm specialising in music-discovery, don’t even have to call their boss to take the day off. All they have to do is send a text with a music, beer and sick emoji and snuggle under the covers until the horror passes. There is one caveat though; the firm insists that the hangover must be the result of a gig or work-related event. We’re sure many employees would be happy to sign up to that rule!

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