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Breathing Space

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

A restaurant owner in Essex has been fined after Asbestos was disturbed during refurbishment.  In 2016, the space above the Italian restaurant was being converted into residential accommodation and during the construction phase, workers were exposed to Asbestos fibres when an Asbestos Insulating Board was removed and broken up.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that prior to the construction work commencing, no Asbestos survey had been carried out.  Subsequently, the construction work was carried out by unlicensed contractors who were, as a result, exposed to Asbestos fibres.

This case reminds us of the need for those in control of non-domestic premises to make sure that a suitable and sufficient assessment is carried out as to whether asbestos is or is likely to be present in their premises so that its condition can be managed and contractors made aware of its presence.

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