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Boss re-writes employee’s resignation letter

Employment Law & HR
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A resignation letter is one of the few ways in which an employee can formally express their feelings about their working life without fear of recrimination. Some employees will take their moment in the spotlight to malign their employer and air grievances, real or perceived. Others will take the opportunity to express thanks and sadness at leaving. 

Ang Chester, a former employee of a telesales company, took neither route and simply wrote a short letter to confirm his resignation and leaving dates. Undoubtedly, he imagined that would be the end of the matter. Little did he expect that is boss would re-write the letter, still written from Ang’s perspective, inserting profuse praise for himself! The manager felt compelled to praise his own mentorship and guidance highlighting the important contributions he had made to Ang’s professional development. Understandably, Ang was not impressed with his manager’s revisions and tore up the letter.

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