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Boss grooms employee for her kidney

BY Greg Fletcher
Employment Law & HR
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We’ve all had one of those bosses- you know the type, a right old pain in the … kidney?!

That’s the unfortunate situation that Debbie Stevens from Long Island, New York, found herself in after offering her boss a kidney when she could not find a donor.  

After going under the knife, Ms Stevens alleges that her boss subjected her to a campaign of harassment, forcing her to return to work when she felt unwell and demoting her to a workplace 50 miles away from her home. Ms Stevens kid-ney believe it when she was sacked after her lawyers wrote a letter to her former employers, Atlantic Automotive Group.  

Ms Stevens now believes that her boss only hired her to get her kidney and was “grooming” her for the organ all along. She has since raised a claim, suing AAG for HR.

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