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Back to the Office

Health & Safety

Returning to work, is it a straightforward as we think given that many of us have been away from our workplaces for a number of months it is no surprise that many people are nervous or anxious about a return and you know what? 

We think that is completely normal. In fact, we advise our clients to engage with their staff to see how they are feeling about a return. Consultation and communication is key especially when a physical face to face has been lacking over the previous months. 

Reasonable adjustments should be considered, which may include blended work patterns or even permanent home working. The key is to ask the question ‘How are you?’

To help you with this we have a number of resources for you to utilise. Firstly, is us, please pick up the phone to have a chat. We also have risk assessments for vulnerable people returning to work, especially those that may have been in the shielding community. We also have the training below which is accessible remotely.

Mental Health Awareness Remote Training for Managers


LAW’s Health & Safety At Work team are here to support employers, 24/7.

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