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Are Sanitisers in the workplace ineffective against Coronavirus?

Health & Safety

How do I know our supplied product is effective? 

Ask to see the test report confirming it has satisfactory “virucidal activity”. EN 14476 should have been performed with vaccinia virus for three enveloped viruses (Polio, Adeno virus and Murine norovirus). If so, then it is acceptable to claim effectiveness against Coronavirus. 

Important exception?

Hand sanitisers which contain more than 60% alcohol, using the World Health Organisation’s recommended formula (to EN 1500) of ethanol or isopropanol/hydrogen peroxide/glycerol, no testing is required. HSE and HMRC have allowed this exception. 

What are EN 14476 test methods?

EN 14476 is a virucidal disinfectant test method, that includes test conditions for surface disinfection, achieving suitable log reduction.

What is a log reduction?

A reduction in microbial numbers, compared to the number of organisms at the start of the test or, for surface tests, to a water control performed at the same time (expressed as a logarithm.)

5-log reduction is equivalent to a 99.999% reduction

3-log reduction is equivalent to 99.9% reduction.

What log reductions are required for a pass?

 5-log reduction achieved for EN 1276

4-log reduction achieved for EN 14476. 

Why is the product name perhaps different on the report?

Sometimes tested (under different concentrations) and marketed under different names. A clarifying document to this effect should be obtained.

The pass dilution of the concentrate should be checked to ensure it is the same dilution of the product you are being supplied with.

 Why SARs-Cov-2 is stated on literature?

SARs-Cov-2 is the virus name of this current outbreak and COVID-19 is the name of the disease it causes. No-one has tested SARS-Cov-2 so this would claim would be untrue, as the virus has not been released for testing.

Other related enveloped virus has been used to test “virucidal efficacy” and is expected to perform in the same way.

Bleach Products

The Government website states, products achieving 1,000ppm chlorine are effective. Correct dilution of these type products is essential

My Supplier is unable to provide relevant data?

Without the correct supporting data your employees and customers could be at risk of contracting COVID-19, through contact surface spread. Change supplier, to one who can.

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