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Amputation Injuries Leads to Fines of £310,000

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

Two employees working on a sausage processing line received finger amputation injuries, one in August 2016 and the other January 2019. Both employees managed to access moving parts of firstly a mincing machine and the more recent incident a revolving mixer. HSE prosecuted Browns Manufacturing Ltd, of Prestwick (in the 2016 incident the business was operated by Halls of Scotland), for failing to ensure dangerous of the machinery were inaccessible and failing to properly train their staff.

Fines of £120,000 for the first incident and £190,000 for the second more recent incident were handed down at Hamilton Sheriff Court, totalling £310,000


Our View

In the first instance, we cannot start to think about the mental trauma both these employees and their families must have gone through.

In the early 1980’s the HSE Food National Industry Group issued clear guidance relating to the guarding of dangerous food preparation machines (HSG65). The guidance was an excellent publication. This was eventually removed when more European standards were developed. There Standards are easily available, and we use them as reference guides, when carrying out the careful assessments, of such machinery, under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. These guides are listed by HSE There are around 50 different guides covering different machines, used in different sectors, of the food industry.

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