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AED Training included in Emergency First Aid at Work Course

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Do you have one on your premises? Are your staff trained? Do you know where your nearest public access defibrillator is located? How long before an ambulance arrives?

These very simple and quick questions to answer. For every minute without a defibrillator there is a reduction of 10% in saving someone’s life. Imagine if it one of your family suffering from a cardiac arrest. What would you do?

With more and more workplaces and public places acquiring Defibrillators, AED training is now included in the Emergency First Aid at Work Course.  This training is will help responders save vital time in assessing a casualty and using the device – hopefully to a successful outcome.

Delegates who have attended courses find the AED section one of the most rewarding, as it dispels any myths someone may have. It shows clearly how easy they are to use. This builds confidence and provides a clear understanding through practical sessions with different defibrillators.

Law At Work can put you in touch with suitable providers of this training at competitive rates.

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