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4 ways to create effective Job Adverts

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Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

With so many job adverts out there it's important to make your vacancy stand out from the crowd. A well written advert will help to attract the top candidates and help you to recruit more efficiently. The following tips will help you to create an effective job advert: 1. Create a job title that candidates will recognise and relate to. Most job adverts are posted online now so candidates will be entering key words to search for. The official job title may be 'Hygiene Operative' but how many people would enter these words into a search if they were looking for a cleaning job! Keep it simple, the job title should clearly sum up what the role is. 2. Remember that it's an advert, you are effectively trying to sell the role to top candidates so make sure that it is upbeat and positive. Sell you organisation as a great place to work and make people want to apply for the role. 3. Speak to candidates as if the advert is directed at them as individuals so use the word 'you' a lot in the advert e.g. 'Are you looking for a career in hospitality where you can utilise your management skills and experience?' or 'For this role you will have experience of working in a business to business sales environment' 4. Nobody wants to read endless paragraphs so keep the advert detailed but concise. Use short snappy sentences and bullet points to get key messages across. Keep it structured so that it is easily absorbed and understood by the reader e.g.: - Intro - catch their attention - Company information - Responsibilities - Person specification i.e. skills, experience and attributes required to do the role - Rewards and benefits - Location - How to apply

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