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Workplace Conflict: Early Intervention, Estimated Costs and Employment Law

22 July 2021 — 14:00 to 14:40
Employment Law & HR
In this free 40-minute session, we will explore the impact of workplace conflict on organisations, looking at preventative measures and the positive impact that becoming a wellbeing-centric organisation can have on reducing conflict within the workplace and the need for more formal procedures.

This session will cover:

The costs of not dealing with conflict appropriately, including the estimated costs of resignations, absences and reduced productivity;
Formal approaches to conflict resolution, including workplace mediation, disciplinary and grievance procedures;
The legal implications of a formal approach and how to manage this process compliantly;
How to minimise the risks around successful constructive dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing claims and what this looks like; and
The escalation to early conciliation notices and Employment Tribunal claims.

Date and Time: 
22 July 2021 — 14:00 to 14:40

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£0.00 per person (exc. VAT)

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Lorna Gemmell
EL & HR Training Manager | Glasgow
Lee Craig
Senior Health & Safety Manager | Glasgow
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