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SPOTLIGHT ON effective report and letter writing

30 October 2018 — 09:30 to 12:30
Employment Law & HR
Report and letter writing isn’t something that comes naturally to a lot of managers, even those with years of management experience. Yet it is an important skill and one that is required in most management roles. Anyone who has read a badly written or poorly structured report or letter knows what a painful experience it can be. In contrast a well written and well-structured report or letter is of enormous benefit to the reader.

You will learn techniques for:
• making reports and letters concise and clear
• organising and structuring your report or letter in the most effective way
• presenting your report or letter in a way that keeps the reader’s attention
• selecting the most appropriate words and language
• using plain English
• the correct use of grammar and punctuation
• effectively proof-reading your work
• tailoring your report or letter to its audience
• avoiding the common pitfalls and frustrations associated with report and letter writing

The course will go beyond the theory; you will put what you learn into practice with practical exercises. Next time your job requires you to write a report or a letter you can approach it with confidence! And you’ll have our useful take-home guide as a reference point should you need a bit of extra reassurance.
Date and Time: 
30 October 2018 — 09:30 to 12:30
Law At Work
Kintyre House
205 West George Street
G2 2LW
£105.00 per person (exc. VAT)
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Lorna Gemmell
EL & HR Training Manager
Douglas Cameron - Law at Work
Douglas Cameron
Head of Safety Services