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EMPLOYMENT LAW MASTERCLASS on effective disciplinary investigations

24 January 2018 — 10:00 to 16:00
Employment Law & HR
The disciplinary investigation is the foundation upon which the rest of the disciplinary process is built. Employment Tribunal decisions warn us time and time again that a serious flaw in the investigation can undermine the fairness of any dismissal that flows from it. Yet it is the investigation stage that many managers find the most challenging. Sometimes the challenge faced is not knowing “how far to go” when exploring the facts; on other occasions it is a reluctance to ask those direct and, sometimes, sensitive, questions that are at the heart of the matter.

At our Employment Law Masterclass on effective disciplinary investigations we won’t just tell you how to do an investigation; you’ll practice the key components yourself. The day will revolve around a scenario based on an Employment Tribunal claim currently going through the appeal courts. You’ll:

• Have the opportunity to practice conducting an investigation meeting (or observe and offer feedback if role play isn’t your thing!).
• Work from a pack of witness statements and documentary evidence to prepare a rough investigation report.
• Analyse a pre-prepared investigation report and identify and discuss flaws with it.

You’ll also consider case studies based on interesting Employment Tribunal cases where the scope of the investigation was challenged in order to draw out some principles to help you define the boundaries of the next investigation that you do.

A previous delegate at this session fed back “Really liked the interactive/discussion based approach and case study to work through as a typical scenario is a much better footing for when I might have to do this for real”.
Date and Time: 
24 January 2018 — 10:00 to 16:00
Law At Work
Kintyre House
205 West George Street
G2 2LW
£225.00 per person (exc. VAT)
Lorna Gemmell
EL & HR Training Manager
Douglas Cameron - Law at Work
Douglas Cameron
Head of Safety Services