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SPOTLIGHT on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

7 December 2017 — 09:30 to 12:30
Employment Law & HR
In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations levelled against Harvey Weinstein and other prominent figures in the entertainment and political worlds, the #MeToo social media campaign has acted as a reminder to us all that sexual harassment is still prevalent in many workplaces. Indeed, a recent BBC survey found that half of British women and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work. A TUC survey carried out last year also found that half of women surveyed had been warned to expect problematic behaviour from a particular member of staff when joining the workforce. And in extreme cases we’ve seen reports of employers (including Westminster and the main political parties) sweeping serious allegations of sexual harassment under the carpet with women being discouraged from pursuing complaints. Hopefully those employers are in the minority, however, recent events should prompt all employers to pause and take stock of whether they are doing all that they can to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.
At our Spotlight on Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, you’ll:
• Gain an understanding of the definition of sexual harassment and what behaviour could fall within its parameters. We’ll give you guidance on where the line is between “flirting” or “banter” and harassment.
• Learn about the practical steps you can take to avoid (or at least minimise) instances of sexual harassment in the workplace.
• Gain an insight into the measures the organisation should take to stand a good chance of defending itself against sexual harassment claims in the event that a rogue employee breaches the rules.
• Learn how to respond appropriately to an allegation of sexual harassment should one arise.
• Become better equipped to investigate complaints of sexual harassment and reach a decision. In particular you’ll learn how to deal with those tricky cases where it is “one person’s word against another”.
Date and Time: 
7 December 2017 — 09:30 to 12:30
Law At Work
Kintyre House
205 West George Street
G2 2LW
£105.00 per person (exc. VAT)
Lorna Gemmell
EL & HR Training Manager
Douglas Cameron - Law at Work
Douglas Cameron
Head of Safety Services