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Where clients opt not to take insurance cover, our first rate team of employment lawyers will represent you on a fixed fee basis meaning that you can budget for your legal costs safe in the knowledge that the fees will not increase from those quoted no matter how complex the claim turns out to be. Our standard fees are set out below.

Where clients opt not to purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Law At Work can provide employment law advisory clients with advice and representation following receipt of a tribunal complaint, on a pre-agreed fixed charging structure.  



Submitting the ET3 response                         £ 750.00

Settlement negotiations and any connected work               £ 750.00

Preparation for the hearing (plus reasonable expenses)             £ 2,500.00

Representation at the hearing (per day or part thereof)             £ 900.00


The above sums are cumulative and exclusive of VAT and expenses. For example, if a claim progressed to a one-day hearing the total legal fees would be:  £4,900 plus VAT (plus any reasonable expenses incurred). We would continue to seek to resolve any employment tribunals at as early a stage as we could (including prior to submission of the ET3 if possible) to minimise any expenses incurred


Market leading success rates – this is deliberately a duplicate – applies to both sections

Fewer than 3% of claims we handle have resulted in an adverse finding at tribunal. Your legal manager will work closely with you in relation to any claim and ensure you receive the very best representation at hearing maximising your chances of achieving a favourable outcome.


Experienced litigators

All our team have experience of representing clients at employment tribunals and can handle all types of claims whether they be unfair dismissals, discrimination complaints, whistleblowing or claims arising out of TUPE transfers. Our team has considerable experience of representing clients at the EAT and higher courts.


Fixed costs

Our costs cover all work in relation to submitting a full response to the tribunal, negotiating settlements, gathering documentation for hearing, preparing witnesses in advance of the hearing and attending preliminary hearings. We will agree all costs up front with you at the outset of the claim.


No extra invoices


Even if the case turns out to be more complex or time consuming than anticipated, and regardless of the extra work we incur, you wont’ receive any nasty surprises.  We take the risk so you don’t have to

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