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Our clients are drawn from all business sectors and range from those employing 5 to more than 10,000 staff - and all of them receive the same high quality service, delivered in a way that suits their organisation. We're small enough to take pride in each and every client we work with but established enough to support the UK's largest businesses. And we still work with our first ever client.

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Glasgow Distillery are pleased to have the support of Law At Work's head of Health and Safety supporting our business commitment towards safety management compliance and best practice.

The Glasgow Distillery Company

LAW/Empire has provided HR and H&S advice, guidance and assistance to Aberdeen Science Centre, formally known as Satrosphere since 2012. As a small local charity we have relied and benefitted greatly from the clear and uncomplicated information given alongside practical, workable options. This is always delivered in a professional manner by the team at LAW/Empire.

Aberdeen Science Centre

Over an extended period of time, TWMA have benefitted from the practical advice provided by LAW/Empire Advisory and Consultancy. As an international oilfield service business, managing all aspects of our employee relations is key to our business and the experience and depth which LAW/Empire bring in providing advice is a key element of our success in this regard. LAW/Empire provide very valuable additional support to our in-house HR department.


LAW/Empire provide a service we simply could not and would not do without.  We’ve now been in business for almost 15 years, and thankfully we can count on one hand the number of bad experiences we’ve had relating to HR and our team. LAW/Empire have helped and supported us through these incidences both practically and emotionally.  It’s very reassuring to know that we have a team of experts just a phone call away to help us protect the business and the rest of its employees.  Their proactive approach, training, prompts and paperwork assistance have helped us to survive and our employees to feel secure in our working relationships.  I would have no hesitation in recommending LAW/Empire to any business, big or small- they are in my view, worth their weight in gold!

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