About Us

Client Care

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again, and bring their friends."

 Walt Disney

Everyone says they put clients at the heart of their business.  Here's what we're doing to really demonstrate our commitment to customer service:

Dedicated, proactive client care team

We know every client is different. So while we’re working together, we’ll proactively seek feedback so you don’t have to come to us.  You’ll be assigned a specific member of the client care team, just as you have your own employment lawyer, HR consultant and health & safety manager.  They'll be your point of contact for account management, and will be in touch regularly to check that our service is meeting your expectations.

Annual client care survey

We survey our clients on an annual basis, and every single response is reviewed by me and the wider management team.  Where improvements can be made, we'll contact you directly to agree a way forward.  We also ask for your suggestions on how we can stay ahead of the game - and many of our new practices have come directly from client feedback.

Continuous improvement

The feedback we receive from clients is shared with our service delivery teams, so that the whole team benefits - and, of course, we love sharing good news.

Our team are measured on your feedback

Our employment lawyers, HR consultants and health & safety managers are appraised on how well you rate them.  We use an internationally recognised tool for measuring client satisfaction, and, unlike other businesses, we only consider 9 or 10 out of 10 as good enough. 

Client Care Standards

Our whole team developed written principles which are the heart of our client service. They're attached to every contract, and sit on every desk.

We think we're on the right track: in our most recent Client Survey, 98% of our clients said they would recommend us to others. Over the last 10 years, our client retention rate has consistently exceeded 90%. And we still work with our first ever client. 

But we know we can always improve. So we're always delighted to hear from you. I can be reached directly at steven.smith@lawatwork.co.uk and 0131 603 5200.

Steven A Smith | Head of Client Management