We have used other providers but Law At Work are exceptional.
Lynn Duthie
HR Manager, PayWizard Group


We only offer capped fees. Because meters are for taxis, not lawyers.


Don’t let outdated H&S advice hurt your business.


Align your people with your business objectives so that everything works together.

Areas of Expertise

Employment Law At Work
Fed up with unexpected and unjustified legal bills? Looking for a quality service at an all-inclusive annual cost? With direct access to a named employment lawyer, we enable employers to make fast, commercial decisions.
At Work
Looking for additional hands-on HR support? A review of your HR practices? Or are you in need of an outsourced HR function? Our team of highly experienced HR professionals are on hand to help.
At Work
Want a break from off the shelf health & safety providers? Need up to date, jargon-free guidance? We deliver cost-effective support, tailored to your business: whatever your sector or size.
Seminars & Events
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20 September 10:00 to 3 October 2018 16:00

Employment Law & HR
Our tried and tested Employment Law Basics Bootcamp is the A to Z of Employment Law for employers. A comprehensive two day introduction to Employment...
IN Edinburgh
20 September 2018 — 12:30 to 17:30

Employment Law & HR
“If you can’t even give people a compliment these days then the world has gone completely mad… This is a complete overreaction. I’m being made a...
IN Inverness
27 September 09:30 to 28 September 2018 16:00

Health and Safety
Delivered over two days, this course aims to give delegates the opportunity to develop skills as a mental health first aider, including; 1. Providing...
IN Glasgow
News & Views
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Health & Safety
When businesses see ‘CDM’ there tends to be a lot of head scratching about what it means and what it requires. At law At Work we like to demystify...
Lee Craig
Health & Safety
Fines of 1m plus have increased six fold in the past year. There are a number of factors which we believe have brought this about.
Michael Moran
Health & Safety
The size of the fine relates to two scalding incidents occurring in a short space of time and the subsequent thorough investigations by the Local...
Douglas Cameron

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